Skin Revival Phyto-Active Skin Revival Resurfacing Peel Plus with Retinyl Booster Treatment - R450

Skin Revival Phyto-Active Skin Revival Resurfacing Peel Plus with Retinyl Booster Treatment - R450 picture

Resurfacing Peel Plus with Retinyl Peel Booster Treatment (30% AHA’s, 5% BHA’s and 1% Retinyl Peel Booster)

Accelerated skin shedding, skin firming, for photo ageing skin, no social inconvenience or down time. During the application you may experience slight redness and burning but will subside after application. You may see some light peeling/flaking starting on day 4 or 5 and can last approximately 4-7 days. 

Natural AHA’s and BHA’s, improves dullness and uneven texture leaving skin feeling firm and smooth with a healthy, radiant glow.

Superficial skin peeling solution.

• Smoothes, resurfaces and removes impurities

Advanced natural formulation

Effectively removes dead skin cells without damaging active cells

Stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process

Balance out skin tone

The Retinyl Peel Booster is applied after the peel and left on the skin for 8 hours. This is a high performance, antioxidant treatment with natural peptides. It can effectively treat mild acne and provides anti-aging benefits by boosting collagen production. Retinyl palmitate’s anti-aging benefits stem from the fact that it both supports the production and prevents the breakdown of collagen, the protein responsible for maintaining the structure, firmness and suppleness of skin. Retinyl palmitate helps to counteract these effects and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Retinyl palmitate can also help fade the appearance of age spots and other forms of skin discoloration. It does so by increasing cell turnover, which accelerates the rate at which unevenly pigmented areas of skin are purged.

☆Please take note:

  • Not for use during pregnancy or breast feeding.
  • Not for people with aspirin allergy.
  • Not for sensitive skins.
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