Skin Revival - Hydra Restore Treatment - R400

Skin Revival - Hydra Restore Treatment - R400 picture

Bring back life to dry irritated, dehydrated skin.

Effectively restores the functioning of the skin’s natural barrier. Contains prebiotics, which balances the skin’s microbiome and helps preserve its healthy appearance.

The prebiotics is a natural humectant that is a water drawing magnet that pulls moisture from the environment into the skin and keeps it hydrated. Prebiotics also acts as a skin-conditioning agent by forming a protective thin film layer on the skin, which leaves the skin smooth and supple. It also helps to offset factors that lead to redness, dryness, and aging.

Prebiotics helps the probiotics thrive, keeps the skin youthful, and makes the barrier strong.

Suitable for eczema-prone skin, sensitive, dry & dehydrated skin. This treatment with antioxidant-rich, conditioning ingredients will also help to restore skin’s strength and elasticity, creating incredible softness while improving the appearance of overall skin.

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