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Microneedling picture

Microneedling also known as Collagen Induction Therapy is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment with quick recovery time and is designed t…

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Microneedling - Hair Growth picture

Hair Growth Microneedling. Microneedling triggers your wound healing response. Research studies have shown that wound healing stimulates the producti…

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Kalahari Honeybush Facial Treatment picture

Hydrating & Nourishing. Kalahari Honeybush Facial Treatment is a combination of effective African plant extracts and oils that will nourish a dul…

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Kalahari Lipid Rich Skin Treatment picture

Ultra Hydrating. The Lipid Rich Treatment mask is a botanical oil mask rich in essential fatty acids and skin conditions. The mask is enriched with n…

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Kalahari Vit C Skin Treatment picture

This is an ultra firming, de-ageing treatment rich in organic Vitamin C and essential antioxidants. Vitamin C will boost and improve collagen and ela…

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Kalahari Phyto Enzyme Skin Treatment picture

Deep Exfoliation Treatment. The Phyto Enzyme Treatment is a highly effective; deep cleanse exfoliation treatment with de-ageing benefits. The treatme…

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Vita-Gel Skin Treatment picture

An ultra-revitalising, de-ageing and rejuvenating gel mask enriched with natural moisture binding ingredients, alpha hydroxy acids and peptides. The …

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Phytic Clay Mask Treatment picture

The Phytic Clay Treatment Mask contains effective ingredients such as Glycolic acid, Mandelic acid and Phytic acid derived from Soybean extract. The …

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Kalahari TCA Chemical Peel picture

TCA, Trichloroacetic acid, is a medium strengh chemical coagulant that revitalises the skin by lifting dead surface cells and stimulates skin mitosis…

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D-Age 5 Chemical Peel picture

D-age5 is an highly effective chemipeel complex compound with beta hydroxy acid and alpha hydroxy acids. The application revitalises the skin by lift…

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Kalahari Hyaluron Alginate Peel-Away Mask picture

The Kalahari Hyaluron Alginate Peel-Away Mask is definitely a must have treatment. Perfect for post Chemipeel and Microneedling. 

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Lash Lift picture

Lash Lift is like a perm for your eyelashes.  Its a treatment that instantly gives eyelashes a lift, a natural curl and definition without the u…

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