Why Double Cleanse?

Why Double Cleanse? picture

Spending some time taking care of our skin. We seem to have forgotten about the most important step in any skincare routine: cleansing aka washing your face.

And nope, we're not talking a quick once-over with a face wipe.

A deep cleanse is never more essential than in the evening, although, it's more than just a way to remove post-work make-up.

Throughout the day, airborne bacteria and pollution is attracted to your skin, and if they aren't washed away properly, they could potentially contribute to ageing, pigmentation and breakouts.

-What Is Double Cleansing?

If you're not sure what we're going on about, double cleansing involves using a cleansing milk to break down make-up, SPF, sebum ( sweat ), bacteria and old skin cells on the surface of your skin first, then following it with a deeper water-based cleanse.

A second round of cleansing will clean much deeper into the pores to remove any impurities.

-How Do You Double Cleanse?

For the first round of cleansing, it's best to wash your face until there isn't a single trace of make-up visible with Skin Revival Hydrating Cleansing milk. If you wear a lot, this could take two, to three goes, but if you've spent time putting make-up on, it makes sense to spend time taking it off, right?

Once you've removed the surface grime, it's time for a fully-fledged water-based cleanse with Skin Revival Gel Cleanser or Skin Revival Purifying Clay Cleanser - and that doesn't mean a quick splash.

Whether you are double cleansing or not, be sure to massage your cleanser in for a minute to thoroughly remove make-up, toxins, pollution and buildup.

Taking at least a minute to do a water-based cleanse will ensure you gain all the benefits from your cleanser and its ingredients, most people only spend about twenty seconds on cleansing, which isn't enough time to massage the cleanser in properly.

The temperature of the water matters, too. Too hot and you could risk irritating the skin, especially if you suffer from acne or skin conditions such as rosacea, so it's best to rinse with water that is lukewarm.

Double cleansing each evening will also brighten any dullness, ultimately lifting the complexion.

This evening cleanse will allow serums, moisturisers and clever night-time leave-on products to penetrate and work their magic much more efficiently.

-Is It Possible To Over-Wash Your Skin?

While your skin needs to be cleansed twice a day - morning and evening - a double cleanse isn't always necessary - especially when you wake up in the morning.

Irritation occurs with things like over cleansing and this can upset the barrier function of the skin, disrupting the acid mantle. Because of this repetitive cleansing twice a day, the skin doesn't have the time to repair itself to these adverse reactions. A damaged skin barrier can also lead to other, worse symptoms, including eczema, acne, and opening your skin up to other environmental irritants like UV rays and pollution.

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