Dehydrated Skin and how to test whether the skin is dehydrated. picture

A Dehydrated skin can be a condition that we commonly come across in the field of skincare. 

How can we test whether this skin is dehydrated?&nbs…

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Kalahari Phyto Fluid Foundation picture

Our Phyto Fluid Foundation is an impressive formulation with the latest scientifically engineered hollow spheres, in various sizes, to ensure that yo…

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Kalahari Fluid Foundation Brush picture

The Kalahari Fluid Foundation Make-up Brush is the perfect tool to purchase alongside the new Phyto Fluid Foundation as it's tightly-packed, ultra-so…

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Kalahari Phyto Barrier Shield picture

Say hello to the next generation of skin protection with the new Kalahari Phyto Barrier Shield with hero ingredient, High Energy Visible light (HEV) …

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Kalahari Toning Lotion picture

This skin toner is rich with natural antioxidants and soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Allantoin, Rooibos tea, Kigelia africana, Witch…

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7 Ways to prepare your skin for winter. picture

Winter is here – which means drier air and colder temperatures. The lower moisture levels in the air can lead to dry and dehydrated skin conditions. …

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Kalahari Products for Children. picture

We often get questions about our "children's range", and while we don't have a range exclusively for children, we do have several products that are g…

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Kalahari Don't Test On Animals. picture

Happy World Animal Day! One of our most frequently asked questions is whether or not we test on animals. At Kalahari, we make sure that we only use c…

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Kalahari Clutch Bag picture

More than a Make-up bag; A make-up bag, that's been made-up of all things sustainable! We've seen how roll-down clutches are in this season, and just…

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NEW!!   Kalahari H.A. Dermal Solution picture

NEW! Amplify your MN Pen or DermaRoller Treatment with our Hyaluronic acid - H.A. Dermal Solution! This is a high-performance, high-molecular weight …

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Kalahari Wooden Fragrance Tree picture

”By your fruits you will be recognised” ⁣

One of our most popular gifting options, our unique Wooden Fragrance Tree is a replica of the historical Afr…

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Everyone needs this in their skincare routine. picture

Deeply rich and moisturising ingredients everybody needs in their Winter skincare routine, Phyto lipids are the fatty acids found in botanical extrac…

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