How To Treat Your Neck Area. picture

The skin on our neck and décolletage area is very similar to the skin on our faces. Like the face, it is thinner and often more sensitive compared to…

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Why Double Cleanse? picture

Spending some time taking care of our skin. We seem to have forgotten about the most important step in any skincare routine: cleansing aka washing yo…

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New Skincare Range Launch!

➡️Introducing SKIN REVIVAL!⬅️

Skin Revival Phyto-Ceutical Skincare is a Phyto-Cosmeceutical brand using science and nature for o…

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Why SKIN REVIVAL is Safe & Effective for your skin? picture

Why Skin Revival Skincare is Safe and Effective for Your Face?

*Natural skincare using plant-based ingredients instead of chemical ingredients such as…

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Skin Revival - Facial Cleanser (100ml) picture

This gel cleanser rinses away surface debris and impurities, deeply cleansing pores without over drying or stripping oil. Helps preserve skin’s natur…

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Skin Revival - Hydrating Cleansing Milk (100ml) picture

Specially formulated for sensitive skin of all ages, it helps to condition the skin and maintain it’s natural moisture balance. Can be used as a clea…

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Skin Revival - Powder Enzyme Exfoliator (50g) picture

This gentle skin polish is made with oat and rice flours, enriched with Kigelia African extract, Liquorice Root, Rosehip powder, Hibiscus powder and …

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Skin Revival Phyto - Active Toning Mist (50ml). picture

This light, refreshing mist is infused with deeply hydrating phyto-active ingredients to help prevent water loss and reinforce skin’s protective barr…

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Skin Revival - Phyto-Active Lotion picture

A mix of active ingredients formulated into a luxuriously smooth and nourishing daily lotion.

Intensive brightening agents work to inhibit the enzyme …

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Skin Revival - Hydra Restore Mask (50ml) picture

Created with rejuvenation in mind, The Hydra Restore Mask will transform any complexion in need of some revitalization and TLC.

In just 20 minutes you…

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Skin Revival Q10 Eye & Lip Complex Cream (15ml) picture

Super powerful phyto-active ingredients and Co-enzyme Q10 to treat and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the lip and the delicate eye area.

How do…

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Skin Revival - Overnight Repair Serum with Retinyl 0.5% & Squalane (30ml) picture

Our multi-tasking skin saviour — to enhance your skincare regime, like liquid-gold readily absorbed by the skin to replenish and support the skins he…

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